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Bible Study Genesis
Sunday School
Worship Service

Children begin Sunday School by first attending worship with family.

Sunday worship services are broadcast on Glen Ridge Local Access television, Channel 36 on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesday mornings at 10:30am.
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GRCC WelcomeGRCC Facebook
Come join us! We invite you and your family to be a part of our church fellowship. We are an active, family oriented church located at the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and Clark Street in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. We welcome you to particpate in all our church activities. Membership is not required!

Be a part of our Christian family!

We have something for everyone! We offer Christian education programs for children and youth, a confirmation program, Young People's Society, Christians In Action, scholarships and intergenerational events. Our mission and outreach, ministries, bible study and choir provide adults the opportunity to grow in their faith while serving the church and outside community.


Bringing Up Children
Everyone wants his or her child to have a good education and to be physically fit and healthy. Everyone wants his or her child to be loved and safe. But we also need to provide for our children moral and spiritual education to become productive, responsible, and contributing members of our society. However, in today’s competitive culture it is easy to forget about moral and religious education.

We think of getting into a good college and making sure they get good jobs. We get them on the best sports teams. Becoming a moral and spiritual person also requires practice, preparation and above all, choices.

Our church is committed to educating the children of our community in the moral and spiritual truths of Christianity that brings balance to their lives. There is a saying of Jesus: “…seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” (Matthew 7:7-8).

We are all seekers. Come join us as we seek to know ourselves and God and new ways to serve God.

We invite you and your children to our church. For the children there are church school classes and our children’s choirs. For you there are also opportunities to learn and practice faith, to volunteer in many community service projects of the church. And for both there are many family activities of our church. We’ll help you bring that balance into their lives and yours.

For more information call the office or visit Children & Youth.
Celebration Sunday
A new season of worship and Sunday school will commence Sunday, September 11 at 10:00am.

The day will be celebrated with a picnic on the south lawn at 11:15am following the service.

Burgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, dessert, pie baking contest, lawn games, all are invited!

A great way to start the new church year!

September Worship
September 4: Worship and Communion at 9:30am with reading from Deuteronomy 30:15-20. Mr. Stinson will preach Choose Life. Music by Thomas Mustachio.

September 11: Celebration Sunday! Start of Sunday School. Worship at 10:00am with reading from 1 Timothy 12-17. Mr. Stinson will preach The God of Second Chances.Church School Teacher Dedication. Music by the Chancel Choir.

Welcome Back Picnic following Worship!

September 18: Worship at 10:00am with reading from Luke 16:1-13. Mr. Stinson will preach The Strangest Parable of Jesus. Presentation of 3rd Grade Bibles and the Minasian Bible. Music by the Chancel Choir.

September 25: Worship at 10:00am with readings from 1 Timothy 6:6-19 and Luke 16:19-31. Mr. Stinson will preach Things are Different in Heaven. Music by the Chancel Choir.

Adult Bible Studies
Two chances to read and discuss Genesis with Mr. Stinson in the church library. The 10am Wednesday class resumes on September 14th. The Sunday 8:45am class resumes on September 11th.

New students are welcome!

Family Faith Time
Family Faith is an intergenerational group at GRCC focusing on young families but includes grandparents, other adults, and older kids who join us in expanding our faith. It is fun!

Family Faith meets the 2nd Saturday of each month from 11:30am to 1:00pm. Occasionally the schedule varies as we try to meet changing needs. Folks "Dash in and Dash Out!"

The theme this year: Peace through Exploring Diversity. The first meeting this fall is Saturday, September 10th. Meet at the church at 11:30am, bring a picnic lunch for yourself/family, travel together to Eagle Rock, gather at the pagoda near the Memorial, and spend time reflecting and moving forward understanding peace in our world. Jan Spoerl will lead a short program. All are welcome to join.
Church School Director Needed
The Glen Ridge Congregational Church is seeking a part-time Church School Director to manage its program of Christian Education. We look for a candidate who will engage parents and children in Sunday school and our many other youth programs.

We offer enthusiastic volunteers, flexible schedules and a competitive salary. For more information email: or call 973.743.5596

Click here for job description.
Virtual Food Drive
Another way to help local pantries and soup kitchens and complement other physical food drives is the Glen Ridge Virtual Food Drive, which has been set up with the cooperation of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey and sponsored by the Community Service Department of the Women's Club of Glen Ridge.

A special webpage has been created for either a virtual food shopping trip and/or donation. Click here to visit the site!